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Superior Parking Lot Striping in San Jose, CA

When it comes to dependable parking lot striping services, Granite Northwest Grading and Paving is your local choice. We’re committed to delivering excellent line striping services right here in San Jose, California. Our dedication to quality and professional work sets us apart in the field.

Skip the DIY approach to parking lot striping; choose a pro like Granite Northwest Grading and Paving. We’re the most sought-after high-quality parking lot striping company serving San Jose, California. With years of experience in the asphalt paving industry, we handle it all. After paving parking lots for over 30+ years, it’s only natural that we also provide expertise in parking lot striping. We guarantee expert pavement marking and precise striping on every job we undertake.

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High Quality Striping In San Jose

Decades Of Experience

At Granite Northwest Grading and Paving, we take immense pride in our extensive history of providing exceptional striping services right here in San Jose, California. With a legacy dating back to the 1980s, our wealth of experience is a testament to our expertise.

Commitment to Excellence

More than just a family-owned business, we embody a heritage of outstanding service. Our unwavering commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction is the foundation of our work. We possess a unique ability to visualize each project, ensuring it's executed flawlessly from the outset.

Local Dedication

When you contact us for a FREE quote, you'll quickly recognize the difference. We're not your typical maintenance team. Our crew consists of well-groomed professionals who are deeply passionate about their work and fully committed to delivering unmatched excellence to the community.

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San Jose Pavement Striping Services

Granite Northwest Grading & Paving's Expert Striping Process

Step 1: Professional Preparation

We take pride in our thorough approach to ensure the longevity and quality of your parking lot striping. Our first step involves meticulous preparation. Recognizing that the right paint and a clean surface are crucial for a lasting finish, we use specialized asphalt paint—choosing between oil-based and water-based options based on your unique needs. Before starting, our expert team clears away debris and addresses any surface cracks or potholes, creating an ideal canvas for your new stripes.

Step 2: Precision Measurement & Planning

Consistency and accuracy are crucial in parking lot stripes. We carefully measure each space and plan the layout of your parking lot to avoid inconsistencies or crooked lines. Standard parking spaces should measure 18 feet long by 9 feet wide, with clear driving lanes between rows. Using measuring tape, straightedges, and parking lot protractors, we ensure precise angles and placements, including symbols like directional arrows or handicap spaces. Our commitment to compliance with local regulations and accessibility standards ensures optimal results.

Step 3: Professional Line Striping

After completing measurements and planning, we proceed with the actual striping process. Understanding that using the right equipment is crucial for speed and superior results, we employ high-quality line striping machines for large-scale jobs. These machines come equipped with features for various types of paint and striping, guaranteeing clear, precise lines that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your parking lot.

Step 4: Meticulous Drying & Cleanup

Once the lines are painted, we ensure they have the opportunity to dry and set properly. To safeguard your investment, we use cones and attention ribbon to signal drivers that the area is off-limits until the paint is dry. Drying time may vary based on the paint type and ambient temperature.

We pay close attention to maintaining our equipment. Cleaning our line striping machines after every job ensures they are in top working condition for the next project. Water-based paint requires a thorough water rinse, while oil-based paint necessitates a solvent-based chemical solution. Our commitment to quality extends to our equipment, enabling us to provide consistent, professional striping services.

At Granite Northwest Grading & Paving, our meticulous and professional striping process guarantees high-quality parking lot lines, enhancing safety and aesthetics. We take care of every detail, from preparation to cleanup, ensuring a polished and long-lasting result. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our experienced team delivers excellent workmanship at every step of every paving project we do.

Granite Northwest Grading & Paving

How To Get Started With Our Striping Services

Step 1: Get a FREE Estimate

Reach out to us and schedule a meeting. We'll visit your parking lot, discuss your needs, and provide you with a comprehensive estimate covering all expenses.

Step 2: Contract Agreement

If you're satisfied with the estimate and ready to proceed, we'll present you with a contract outlining project details. This includes what work we'll do, the timeline, payment details, and any assurances.

Step 3: Prepare and Stripe

Before applying the new paint, we meticulously measure, clean, and prepare all surface areas. Then, we proceed with the painting and markings, ensuring to set up barriers for adequate drying time.

Step 4: The Final Inspection

After 24-48 hours of drying, we conduct a thorough check to ensure everything meets standards and ADA compliance. Additionally, we offer guidance on maintaining your new street markings.

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