San Jose Sealcoating Service

San Jose sealcoating service helps protect and extend the life of your asphalt surface and giving it a fresh new appearance.

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High Quality Sealcoating In San Jose

Easy To Work With

Choose Granite Northwest Grading & Paving for hassle-free sealcoating services. Our friendly team offers free estimates and uses high-quality products to protect and prolong the life of your asphalt surfaces.

Experienced & Dedicated

Rely on our knowledgeable team and proven application process for lasting sealcoating results. We're committed to exceeding your expectations, ensuring a beautiful and durable pavement that stands the test of time.

Quality Sealcoating Service

We stand out by providing the industry's best sealcoating service. Unlike others, we use top-notch materials, avoiding shortcuts for long-lasting results. Our commitment to quality ensures you receive the best possible service for your pavement.

Granite Northwest Grading & Paving

San Jose Sealcoating Service

Sealcoating Service by Granite Northwest Grading & Paving

Driveway Elegance

At Granite Northwest Grading & Paving, we bring top-notch sealcoating services to San Jose driveways. Understanding that your driveway makes a crucial first impression, our expert team ensures it remains in excellent condition. Our sealcoating shields it from weather and everyday wear, including thorough cleaning and repairs to revive its appearance.

Parking Lot Prestige

For business owners, maintaining an inviting parking lot is vital for customer attraction and retention. Our highest industry standard sealcoating services ensure the longevity of San Jose parking lots. Using advanced equipment, we protect the surface from the elements, addressing cracks, fixing the striping, and providing comprehensive sealcoating for a consistently appealing parking environment.

Road Resilience

Granite Northwest Grading & Paving extends its industry-leading sealcoating to entire roads in the Bay Area. Recognizing the constant wear on roads, our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure the highest quality sealcoating process. Whether a private road or a public highway, we bring experience and expertise to guarantee long-lasting road protection.

Granite Northwest Grading & Paving

How To Get Started With Our Sealcoating Services

Step 1: Get a FREE Estimate

Begin by scheduling a meeting with us. We'll assess your pavement and discuss your needs, and provide a cost estimate covering both materials and labor for the project.

Step 2: Contract Agreement

If you're okay with the estimate and want to proceed, we'll give you a contract. It includes project details like scope of work, timeline, payment plan, and any warranties.

Step 3: Preparation & Sealing

Before we start paving, we'll prep the site by thoroughly cleaning the pavement. Once ready, our crew lays out the highest quality sealer avaibale and blocks of area to allow for proper drying.

Step 4: The Final Inspection

After the sealing, we'll inspect to ensure it meets your expectations and code. We'll also provide maintenance instructions to keep your new sealcoating lasting for as long as possible..

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